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Dia in Magic School getup.
For no other reason than me wondering how it'd look. https://t.co/cOmwtSW4FJ
safe1750065 artist:scorpdk681 bright eyes187 diamond tiara10400 human158932 adorable face1547 adorasexy10133 alternate hairstyle29071 anime5679 beautiful5779 beautisexy934 blushing204562 breasts288607 busty diamond tiara431 clothes475829 curvy6931 cute205647 diamondbetes537 digital art20139 eye clipping through hair6405 eyebrows6421 eyebrows visible through hair3185 eyelashes12303 female1401522 gradient background13391 hairband1308 hand on hip7500 hand on thigh288 humanized101907 legs8825 lips1219 looking at you175618 miniskirt5048 necktie7579 older27790 older diamond tiara802 plaid skirt665 pleated skirt4077 ponytail18758 school uniform7441 schoolgirl1910 sexy30691 short skirt393 simple background408969 skindentation93 skirt41073 smiling260804 smiling at you5189 socks68537 solo1094107 stockings34210 stupid sexy diamond tiara67 sweater puppies145 sweater vest433 thigh highs38161 thighs15057 unmoving plaid103 zettai ryouiki1932


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Any and every version of Diamond Tiara drawn by scorpdk is a goddess.
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