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safe1555501 artist:darktailsko175 applejack157246 autumn blaze3193 coloratura2659 rarity167908 strawberry sunrise316 torque wrench214 earth pony190477 kirin6454 pegasus232451 pony826671 unicorn257526 applejack's hat5175 bipedal30009 bowtie8401 cake8721 clothes400997 coat rack27 comic100007 commission49861 cowboy hat12757 dress38922 eyes closed78396 female879629 food59347 freckles24747 glowing horn16168 gritted teeth10130 hat74628 horn40450 horseshoes2025 hug25045 implied rainbow dash849 levitation10312 magic64518 maid5193 mare404311 mask5271 mirror4619 one eye closed24488 outfit1048 phantom of the opera189 raised hoof37896 raised leg6517 rara1001 sandwich1820 speech bubble20043 telekinesis24092 top hat3640 wall of tags2242 wink21188


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