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safe1555373 artist:rainbow eevee807 oc593571 oc only404095 oc:princess stivalia61 pony826501 coronavirus672 covid-19668 cropped42800 cute173577 face mask312 female879497 floppy ears45905 italy293 mask5271 nation ponies1255 ponified37756 ppe100 sad22409 sick1677 simple background337743 surgical mask171 teary eyes3114 yellow eyes1359


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Background Pony #5474
Luckiy the rise has started to flatten out. I was projecting over 100,000 dead in about 2 weeks a week and a half ago. There might be only 5,000 to 10,000 more to die before this can be considered over as long as proper procedures happen with washing of hands and social distancing. The r value of this is 3 which means after 10 generations of general contact 56,000 can be infected unlike the common cold which has an r value of 1.3 which means after 10 generations you have approx 14 infected. This needs to burn out and everyone hope that there isn't a carrier out there that can reinfect someone.
Background Pony #A097
Yeah, good point, sad but true, population bottleneck is going to happen.

Even mother earth has limits of how to much humans can be contained in the world.
Those who deserve to live on are the ones who need to be more responsible of environment.