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safe1557394 artist:lytlethelemur195 applejack157395 discord28448 flower bouquet12 gallus5639 ocellus4399 rarity168099 silverstream5172 smolder6448 snips3985 twilight sparkle280071 oc595368 oc:gimbal lock130 oc:swift wing26 alicorn191403 changedling7135 changeling39170 dragon46715 fish2160 griffon24480 kirin6479 nirik319 anchor80 armpits41289 barrel1411 bed35589 cellphone2756 comic100230 eating8523 funeral198 grenade398 hat75217 lipstick9370 phone5006 punch1029 quill2476 selfie2722 smartphone1484 tongue out88781 twilight is not amused1167 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113874 unamused13390 white coat249 wing hands1779 wings72426


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16 comments posted
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Poor Silverstream. The sign in that restaurant window — 'We have crabs'? You know, pharmacies sell stuff to help with that.
Background Pony #E902
No one's going to talk about the fact that Applejack was issuing a "flat earth science test?"
Background Pony #316C
Silverstream needs to stop being a doormat. ASK QUESTIONS AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! CALL 'EM OUT ON THEIR BS!!