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safe1552939 artist:kabooramackraid1 cozy glow5645 grogar1190 lord tirek4633 queen chrysalis31864 twilight sparkle279061 alicorn190572 centaur2510 changeling38947 changeling queen11119 pony824876 sheep1220 the ending of the end1984 alicornified4392 antagonist1317 bow23553 claws4484 cozycorn393 crown13446 evil grin3729 eyebrows2294 fangs21504 female877358 filly58324 glowing eyes9552 grin32123 horn40255 horns4558 jewelry48876 legion of doom251 looking down6496 magic64368 male298463 nose piercing2175 nose ring1780 piercing33738 race swap12284 ram588 regalia15658 signature18196 smiling209253 stars13062 tiny929 tiny ponies1187 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113596 ultimate chrysalis244 wings71635


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