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Luster Dawn has a a lot to learn about the magic of friendship. But for now, she needs her rest.

Other than that, I wanted to go for a cute piece where Luster falls asleep while studying, Princess Twilight passes by to check in on her and sees her asleep at her desk. She then puts a blanket over her and lets her sleep. Just a cute, simple picture of Twilight showing her star pupil the same care as Princess Celestia had shown her all those years ago.

This is an older project I put together sometime in January but never got around to colouring it. I decided to make it an exclusive digital piece. It took a while because I had work on one side and worries on the other. I honestly didn't want to go too crazy with the details or it would have driven me mad. I also wanted to mess around with some lighting and glowing for this picture, hence why it took a while to do.

But anyway, I hope you Ponyfolk like this picture!
safe1558243 artist:serenepony103 luster dawn870 twilight sparkle280170 alicorn191599 pony829295 unicorn258879 the last problem4003 blanket4619 book30207 bookshelf2999 candle4084 crown13561 cup5418 cute173902 desk2816 digital art11060 evening355 female882322 ink1219 inkwell379 jewelry49346 library2827 lusterbetes89 magic64724 mama twilight1123 mare405722 momlight sparkle1 motherly129 parchment140 princess twilight 2.01522 quill2476 regalia15797 sleeping21389 smiling210989 table8048 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113913


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Background Pony #E4D6
like her own mentor, she watch carefully her student like she be her own daughter like Celestia a done to her!