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Doctor Whooves "Well that is one swell bow tie you have on princess! It even matches mine."

Princess Cadence "Thank you Time Turner, bow ties are always forever cool! By the way, did you give up wearing regular ties?"

Doctor Whooves "A little white ago, I'm wearing them because their shorter than a regular tie, so it doesn't get caught in anything or flow in the wind. While we are here! we should make our bow ties glow in the dark. Rarity would be so pleased!

Princess Cadence "Hmmmmm…… Not a bad idea."
safe1559161 artist:dashiesparkle1417 artist:dashiesparkle edit37 artist:disneymarvel96120 artist:rustle-rose43 edit114943 vector edit2147 doctor whooves10028 princess cadance30171 time turner10013 alicorn191780 earth pony192026 bowtie8446 eye contact6108 female883009 laboratory460 looking at each other15880 male300049 smug4972 vector70662


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