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Cosmos finally has her Grorar sandwich

Cosmos had never felt better. She had just absorbed every last powerhouse on the planet. Creatures who each alone had the power and potential to shake the world were now one with her. She could feel her already unstoppable being growing ever stronger by the second, as her form slowly digested these powers.

And what made it all the sweeter was that she had gotten it all thanks to him.

She loved how tiny he was in her embrace. She loved the thought that she could crush him. Not that she ever would. But she loved the fact that she could. It was a most sensational feeling. Of utter control. Of dominance so complete that it was crushing. It was a force that only increased its pressure as her power eternally swelled.

She would only become bigger, and Bigger. While he would become smaller, and smaller before her might. Such a cute itty bitty lille tiny winy helpless defenseless insignificant little speck of worthless dust. Like an insect. A molecule. An mere little electrode before her powerful embrace.

Her presence alone so oppressingly powerful that it rolled over him like a tidal wave. Her love was so massive that it would be cruising.

she gave him a hug that would have shattered mountains. Of tens of thousands of metric tons of tnt.

Any mere mortal would have been obliterated by her might. But her would never break. She would never let him. He would be her plaything from now on. The lord of chaos, reduced to such a pathetic display of total insignificance. Of utter humiliation.

(she thought that maybe she would will him into him a maid outfit.)

She wanted him, needed him, to be forever crushed beneath her dominant power. A pressure that would only keep growing infinitely. And to know that he was at the total and utter mercy of her will. Powerless, and obedient.

And he would love every nanosecond of it.

He was the masochist to her sadism, her ying to his yang. His pain to her pleasure.

Note: the strange skull from ”the lost tressure of Griffinstone” is from the idear that the strange Ram-like creature was Grogar.
semi-grimdark27661 artist:grimmyweirdy120 cosmos (character)307 discord28446 grogar1196 comic:cosmic cosmos46 the ending of the end1989 arimaspi skull17 body horror1149 cosmageddon67 crushing596 crystal ball474 death5015 eldritch abomination725 fetish34382 fusion4337 grogar's orb191 horn40735 multiple arms223 multiple horns205 muscle growth223 muscles9614 size difference12318 teleportation572 traditional art107982 vein bulge2256 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2226


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