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For EquestriaDaily's open art event, Ponified Coronavirus Warriors

Happy to read any comments or critique you may have.💙
Constructive criticism only please.
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Please don't claim this art as your own.
safe1557227 artist:redquoz124 oc595257 earth pony191508 pony828383 unicorn258466 apron3824 blood bag20 clothes401929 colored17388 coronavirus682 covid-19677 doctor659 earth pony oc2988 eye contact6103 female881451 flat colors1715 gradient background10610 horn40735 looking at each other15843 male299689 mare405214 motivation46 ponytail15263 poster4781 radish16 scrubs70 social distancing51 stallion90606 surgical mask173 text49943 unicorn oc3925 unshorn fetlocks21726


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