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These are all the villains in the MLP FIM franchise (so far) who all tried to defeat Twilight and her friends through out the series.
safe1556182 edit114694 edited screencap54037 screencap195292 ahuizotl746 aria blaze9106 basil337 chancellor neighsay577 chimera sisters232 cozy glow5672 daybreaker2388 diamond tiara9583 discord28435 doctor caballeron609 flam2001 flim2124 fluttershy195846 garble1596 gilda9035 gladmane147 gloriosa daisy1758 grubber678 iron will1291 juniper montage1132 king sombra12537 lightning dust4175 lord tirek4653 mane-iac1520 mean applejack234 mean fluttershy208 mean pinkie pie183 mean rainbow dash168 mean rarity237 mean twilight sparkle672 nightmare moon15890 pharynx853 pony of shadows423 prince blueblood3794 principal abacus cinch888 queen chrysalis31917 silver spoon6176 sludge (dragon)326 sonata dusk12483 spike74235 starlight glimmer43019 storm king1082 sunset shimmer56699 suri polomare1112 svengallop320 tantabus434 tempest shadow15112 trixie61186 twilight sparkle279910 vignette valencia618 wallflower blush1555 wind rider205 alicorn191169 bat pony42407 centaur2528 changeling39104 changeling queen11225 chimera497 cockatrice502 demon2366 diamond dog3198 draconequus8607 dragon46635 earth pony190740 griffon24412 hedgehog300 minotaur889 parasprite1962 pegasus232693 pony827373 unicorn257911 windigo574 yeti250 equestria girls177545 my little pony: the movie17535 the mean 61548 alicorn amulet1761 antagonist1322 bat ponified1950 clone2233 female880457 flim flam brothers1171 flutterbat6384 green dragon22 midnight sparkle2324 multiple heads1508 race swap12314 red dragon29 shadowbolts1483 shadowbolts (crystal prep students)1 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)60 spikezilla487 sunset satan1274 three heads547


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Background Pony #1D47
Some of these are just 4$$h0l3s, I don't exactly know what counts as a 'villain' anymore.