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suggestive126359 artist:bigdad408 applejack157378 human140062 big breasts66800 breasts235347 busty applejack8212 cleavage30394 cowboy hat12780 female881337 front knot midriff1241 hat75196 huge breasts31024 humanized93174 looking at you140812 looking down6527 looking down at you266 low angle1273 midriff18011 no pupils3392 one eye closed24548 pony coloring2487 solo960458 solo female166818 stetson4832 sun5676 wink21223 worm's eye view258 wrong eye color868


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Background Pony #FFDB
ackchyually , Applejack's eyes are green, not blue! This totally ruins my immersions.

Nighthydre : SHE'S HUGE !!! O_O

Noctyrannus : Are you talking about her height, or her boo-

Nighthydre : Don't ruin this for me. O_O