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Originally posted on: September 26, 2016
Some doodles done during my ComicCon adventure. Mostly just started out with me needing to draw myself in my new fancy hat, then my sister Aphilien demanded I did same with my ponysona. Then kept on requesting different reaction images inspired by con experiences.

Puffy saw so much stuff to point at. And also fell in love with some ice cream mochis or whatever they were called. They were delicious. Om nom.

Last doodle is a pony version of my sister and her boyfriend, looking for sleepy Puffy disappearing when looking at plushies. Such fun.

safe1558262 artist:ravenpuff1129 oc595781 oc only405373 oc:puffy236 human140178 unicorn258884 bag3313 bags under eyes1761 bust39486 clothes402378 derp6294 eyes closed78689 fangs21643 food59561 freckles24832 grayscale35852 hat75262 hiding1296 hoodie12008 horn40834 humanized93233 lineart18784 lined paper4369 male299822 monochrome146538 one of these things is not like the others197 onomatopoeia3131 open mouth120781 plate1449 plushie21626 pointing3629 saddle bag5118 sleeping21390 smiling210992 sound effects1532 stallion90681 top hat3667 traditional art107848 underhoof46102 unicorn oc3940 zzz2201


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