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I just love this kind of amazing animations, and I thought that it's a shame that many ones only exist on YT or they had been lost not being backed-up into the booru, and seeing that webm works flawless here is it. So, enjoy this jewel from the past.
safe1575892 artist:jailbait114 derpy hooves48247 rainbow dash219425 pegasus239734 pony846044 angry23977 animated92025 book30652 cute177447 dancing7606 derpabetes2119 female899612 flying34340 food60854 german996 i just don't know what went wrong330 japanese7676 lip bite10394 mare415677 marisa stole the precious thing3 meme78632 muffin6164 multeity1990 my little pony logo3342 parody15213 running5295 scrunchy face6821 seizure warning3061 sound6719 sugarcube corner1969 touhou772 webm10054 youtube link4583


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