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Silver Sickle & Copper Crescendo in Pony Life style
Commissioned by Pony Stark
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safe1726473 artist:jcosneverexisted2802 oc697339 oc only455865 oc:copper crescendo85 oc:silver sickle202 pegasus299789 pony986761 unicorn332091 my little pony: pony life5610 pony life6089 absurd resolution66511 brother and sister4345 duo62811 eye scar5145 female1380882 grin39600 looking at each other20817 male379938 mare490701 scar12246 siblings9057 simple background400840 smiling254172 stallion111943 transparent background205353 unshorn fetlocks26233


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Pony Stark
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Thanks for the recent influx of interest in the pic, no doubt because of the "community collab" tag. This was supposed to be the submission for last year's collab, but Pony-Berserker did submissions for his Patrons, here, so I saved this one from jcos for this year, and added the tag.

Unfortunately, I have to remove the tag again, as PB submitted another one this year. Oh well.
Background Pony #079D
Your pony life drawings are absolutely adorable! I have no idea why do some people dislike it; it's cute. 🙂
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