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Poor Pinkie, being unable to hug everybody right now due to the risk of infecting somebody
safe1708517 artist:mrkat7214423 pinkie pie216392 earth pony249510 pony969600 animated98733 blinking3721 coronavirus821 covid-19768 cute200115 diapinkes9896 eye shimmer1224 face mask600 female1365011 looking at you168969 n9513 respirator184 sad24549 sadorable898 simple background394139 solo1065621 sweet dreams fuel1600 transparent background202661


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Background Pony #EE56
Don't worry, Pinkie. This pandemic is going to pass.
And after it passes, we're gonna make China pay for what they did…….

Because, well, it came from China.

This would be absolute hell for Pinkie. Can't show her smile, can't party, can't get too close for hugs and cuddles, business at Sugarcube Corner might not be so good. Poor Ponk.
Background Pony #9415
Hard time for extroverts at first, but they'll see a way to adapt to it, like distance hug.
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