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When the Moon Woos the Sun
safe1557651 artist:eztp152 oc595396 oc:orbash7 oc:tau sunflare6 alicorn191478 fanfic:the lost element33 bedroom eyes50634 canterlot4861 celestia and luna's father18 celestia and luna's mother22 ethereal mane6282 fanfic art12858 father526 female881827 fiery mane20 flirting1302 flower21725 garden577 handsome320 king170 male299658 mare405441 married couple759 married couples doing married things154 moon20740 mother2148 night22256 queen595 rose3443 shrunken pupils2344 spread wings46915 stallion90613 watermark14214 wingboner7725 wings72460


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