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Another art done by Rivin177
They are sure adorable!
if you're want some art like this, go commission him, he is also a very nice guy.

Give his DeviantArt a visit here: Rivin177
DeviantArt Source: Library Sleep Rest
safe1575784 artist:pone1772 artist:rivin17752 starlight glimmer43891 twilight sparkle282757 alicorn195361 pony845903 unicorn266290 duo49401 eyes closed80219 female899485 lesbian92235 library2871 lying down9494 lying on top of someone271 mare415577 on floor108 on the floor140 pony pillow137 prone23335 shipping184087 sleeping21733 smiling215023 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115225 twilight's castle3303 twilight's castle library276 twistarlight518


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