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safe1558995 artist:deusexequus397 cozy glow5690 lord tirek4664 queen chrysalis31987 twilight sparkle280267 alicorn191753 centaur2539 changeling39237 changeling queen11300 pegasus233649 pony829842 comic:fix25 the ending of the end1994 comic100323 female882850 legion of doom statue62 lightning2789 petrification804 potted plant416 rain5530 sad22465 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113959


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Luna could help too since she was an ex-villain too.

And the fact apparently no lives were lost either there.
Really, the trio should at least be sent to Tarturus together and then the princesses would figure out how to reform them or figure stuff out. If the writers wanted to leave the trio's fates to the fans, there are better freaking ways to do so than freaking turning them to stone.

Live from the hive
Twilight should have been consulted before the Princesses did anything, maybe even Starlight who could see things from the perspective of an ex-villain.

Eternal punishment seems a little harsh for damage that was either repaired in the episode or wouldn't take too long to repair, as in the case of Canterlot. We know Tirek and Cozy Glow had had enough, and Chrysalis can be rendered helpless by having her magic drained. The writers just didn't think this through.

Really, they should have toll back the punishment since its ultimately Discord's fault all of that happened.

In fact I can just see someone taking this as "The end justify the means" with how while Equestria got better in the end, it was ultimately at the expense of the Trio(and the Crystal Ponies being most likely traumatized again and the Royal Sisters' reputations getting sullied further. Pretty sure Cadance and Shining Armor's reputations got screwed up here)

@Smart Heart
While I don't care much about Cozy Glow and Tirek in general, even then it was bs they got screwed badly by Discord like that.
For Chysalis, she was one of my most fav characters(up there with Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon and Spike) so her getting screwed like that pissed me off a lot. Hell, she needed HELP, not intended to be used as cannon fodder. Poor buggo was in a bad mental state there, if someone found her and sent her to get mental health treatment, she might have reformed.

@Smart Heart
If they couldn't be redeemed due to what they done in the finale, its ultimately Discord's fault due to his plan pushed them off the deep end further.
He definitely screwed them over and did much more damage with his plan.
To the Royal Sisters, to the Crystal Ponies, and much more affected by this thing.
Smart Heart

This was something the writers of MLP should’ve touched on in the comics. Also, Discord is probably even worse than all three of them, since he used all three as tools to force them to attack Twilight and, by extension, Equestria, knowing full well they would lose. And when they did lose, he took it upon himself to dispose of them by turning them to stone. Who would think that would be a noble thing to do? Just because they couldn’t be redeemed, it’s ok to use them and treat them like tools? I seriously hope no one has that mindset in real life.
Background Pony #F695
Yep, I could see Chrysalis relationship with Tirek and Cozy something like

"NO! We are not friends."

"We only found a common ground and managed to work together quite well. I'm comfortable around them and even have fun sometimes hanging out with each other. Also when we pulled off some evil scheme together it felt great. I eventually learned to trust them and I feel a lot of better now to know there is somepony to be there for me."