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Folly of affection?

Discords attempts to ”deal” with cosmos backfires. And the Yandere takes it as proof of his affection. And now Cosmos is only growing stronger.


Say what you will about the ”Twist” of the season nine finale. I thought the joke of Discords incompetence worked better here.

The original Idear was to just have Cosmos absorb all the remaining villains at Grogar's lair – Grogar included. But then the season finale happened, and I weighed back and forth almost upp until this picture if it would not be funnier to incorporate Discords fuck up into this bizzare comic.

Fluttershy did tell him to do something about Cosmos. Though she is pretty shure she said ”talk”, Not ”Assemble a league of the remaining powerhouses like some buffé right under the nose of the walking apocalypse.
safe1557252 artist:grimmyweirdy120 cosmos (character)307 discord28446 fluttershy195934 grogar1196 draconequus8624 comic:cosmic cosmos46 the ending of the end1990 body horror1149 cosmageddon67 crushing596 crushing hug2 draconequified310 eldritch abomination725 female881469 fetish34383 flutterequus86 fluttershy is not amused253 fusion4337 giantess3575 goddammit discord1 heart eyes13767 horn40741 macro10296 multiple arms223 multiple horns205 muscle growth223 muscles9614 size difference12318 species swap18019 traditional art107984 unamused13386 upset1079 wingding eyes18821 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2226


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3 comments posted

Eris best pony
Okay, you make a better use of that lazy plot twist.
First killing Tirek, then making useless Cozy and now this.

God bless you, grimmyweirdy.