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It was a beautiful summer afternoon in Canterlot, with the sky clear and pink in preparation for a beautiful sunset. It was a beautiful evening for a date, which was what brought Discovery to his marefriend’s mansion, awaiting her to join him.

But this was more than just dinner and evening stroll. Discovery had a special surprise planned for Primrose, but he was a bundle of nerves just thinking about it. He tried to keep himself from sweating bullets as he anxiously pawed at the ground, counting the seconds until his marefriend answered the door.

Primrose had been fixing her mascara when the knock filled her home. A smile rested upon her lips as she knew just who was waiting at the door. She trotted down the stairs, kissing her maman, père, and daughter goodbye, before she answered the door.

"Discovery! Mon amour!" Primrose smiled, kissing her coltfriend on the lips. "Comment allez-vous? How are you?" She smiled at her dear love, noticing his nervous twitching. "Are you alright, chérie?"

“Eeyup-“ Discovery took a deep breath, composing himself and straightening up. “Er, yes, of course. After you,” he bowed his head to allow her to walk ahead of him to the carriage he’d rented.

Primrose gave a gasp of shock as she spotted the carriage. "Oh mon dieu!" She gasped, turning to Discovery. "What is all this, doux?"

“Just a little somethin’ special,” Discovery answered, trying but most likely failing to hide his anticipation. “I figured you deserved a treat, on me.”

"Oh, Discovery!" Primrose felt her heart swell as she climbed into the carriage. "You already do everything by just being there for me!"

“Aw shucks, I try,” Discovery blushed as he climbed in after her.

As they rode along, he could hardly keep still as his hooves fidgeted with anticipation. This had to be perfect. He loved Primrose so much and he wanted to let her know that without his awkwardness getting in the way. She deserved only the best.

The unicorn could feel her dear lover tremble, so she gently reached over, taking his hoof in her own. "Seriously, mon amour. You are shaking! Is everything okay?"

Discovery’s hoof couldn’t help but slightly jerk away at the sudden touch, but he played it off by pointing out the window. “Looks like we’re here, darlin’!”

Primrose, raising a brow, gently nodded as she watched him. "Oui! Oui, we are…" She murmured suspiciously.

The stallion got out of the carriage and held out a hoof for her to lower herself down. He looked out at the landscape around them, making a mental note of the fruit trees that reminded him so much of home. “Mighty fine evenin’ for a stroll, no?”

The mare looked at the scene around them, and smiled a little bit, giving a nod. "Oui. Yes, it is magnificent." She smiled, taking a deep breath of the fragrant air.

Discovery smiled back, looking to make conversation to hide how nervous he was. He pointed out a nearby apple tree. “That there’s the Fuji apple, love. It’s a cross between Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Garret, y’see, an’ it’s been a bestseller for generations. It’s famous for bein’ mighty sweet, almost as sweet as you—“ he stopped himself. “Aw shucks, you don’t wanna hear me carryin’ on like this…”

Primrose grinned at the compliment of her bashful coltfriend. "Oh! Cherie, You are so sweet!" She kissed his cheek, giving a little giggle as she did so. "Do not say such things! You matched Hoofspeare!"

“I dunno about that, but I try,” Discovery chuckled.

He looked out at the sunset and figured this was the best time to do what he’d been planning to do. It was now or never.

“Love, ya know I ain’t fancy or rich like all them Canterlot gentlecolts. I couldn’t hope to be anythin’ like them, I can’t even get through a night out without trippin’ over myself,” he chuckled slightly. “But I do know I love you, and I want to do anythin’ it takes to make you happy.”

"You are still everything to me, mon amour!" Primrose smiled at Discovery.

And then he got down on one knee.

The unicorn let out a squeak, and tears began to well up in her eyes. "Discovery…"

“Mon amour, tu es plus belle que la soirée d'été la plus sereine. Plus doux que la pomme la plus juteuse. Je ne pouvais pas imaginer passer ma vie avec quelqu'un d'autre que toi. Je passerai le reste de mes jours à m'assurer que vous savez à quel point vous êtes merveilleux, si seulement vous dites oui.” He pulled out a ring and looked up at her lovingly. “Primrose, veux-tu m'épouser?”

Primrose had a hoof over her mouth as tears ran down her cheeks. She was so proud of him. She loved him. It didn't take a second for her reply.

"YES! OUI! YES! Mille fois, oui! Je t'aime tellement, mon cherie!"

“J'ai appris le français pour toi, ma douce pomme,” Discovery stood up and leaned into her embrace. “Je t’aime, Primrose.”
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