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safe1552929 artist:lunarcakez233 cozy glow5645 spike74023 twilight sparkle279056 alicorn190571 dragon46467 pony824867 comic:a dim glow33 the ending of the end1984 female877351 key608 male298460 mare403308 petrification801 teddy bear1195 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113595 walking3950 walking away54


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Background Pony #689D
and when Cozy be free she will finally learn what she fail to learn and become a better pony but heart broke for be a failler daughter and wise of go in the past but Twilight tell is not possible and tell her why, of she will be more sad but twilight tell her to move on and will help her, of course is will take time, Tirek and chrysalis still refuse to change and think nothing but revenge, Cozy her be a kid is a other Story, but many pony still look her as nothing but a paste who need to be put down, but Twilight say to stop, and is will only thing worst and Twilight is right, Cozy need someone to putt her in the right way not like tirek who a fuel of rage and evil thinking for many years and a become adult and no one a tell them is a better way, not even their own family, Cozy is not too late but make her feel hate and pain all the time will so make her impossible to change like those two, but Twilight still believe one date even those two will change but only time will tell!
Background Pony #5862
@Background Pony #CAA4
You do realize cozy glow was already an evil monster. I mean taking into account how many ponies she probably murdered when she took away the magic. I get it she's a child but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be tried as an adult when she knows the consequences of her actions and has no guilt over them.
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@I Was Never Here
This was a nice comic, well drawn and well written.

I absolutely agree.

I was almost afraid this story could fall victim to the Cerebus Syndrome and dive head-first into darkness without any warning. And I'm glad that this didn't happen, and that the comic concluded with the happy end everyone deserved and without any more having to fight for it.
Background Pony #846B
With this artist attempt to demonize cozy glow I guess that never ever. I can see the mother destroying the statue and everyone in ponyville celebrating and praising her more possible