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Originally posted on: February 2, 2016
Have a collection of some of the doodling I've been doing of this ship AngryLittleBurd and I call BloodLust. Between his Dr. Unit and my Prof. Sanguinem.

'Cuz they are just too cute, those two grumpy old pones being all adoring and lovey-dovey on each other.
With bonus Haystack getting a spray bottle treatment from Dr. Unit. Really a changeling in disguise that Unit felt like testing changeling repellant on. Punaise, the changeling behind the alias of Haystack the loose mare, does not approve of the treatment. Unit doesn't care.

The rest is just fluff of the two grumps being adorable together X3 Enjoy

Dr. Sunshine Unit © angrylittleburd
Haystack, Prof. Sanguinem © Me
safe1556168 artist:ravenpuff1126 oc594143 oc only404361 oc:prof. sanguinem25 oc:sunshine unit22 bat pony42407 pony827358 unicorn257902 animated91051 bat pony oc13721 bat wings5175 blood22257 blushing172699 clipboard1062 collar28186 cup5400 drinking blood25 eyebrow wiggle308 eyes closed78464 floppy ears45950 gay24838 gerontophilia63 gif27446 glowing horn16189 grayscale35810 haystack91 horn40572 leash6695 magic64561 male299294 monochrome146365 open mouth120504 pencil3200 pet play3028 slit eyes3966 smiling210045 sparking horn602 spray bottle64 stallion90438 surprised7913 telekinesis24119 traditional art107919 unicorn oc3880 wings72130


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