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safe1879538 artist:cleoziep93 applejack182220 fluttershy229485 pinkie pie231264 rainbow dash251223 rarity196310 twilight sparkle322111 alicorn256778 earth pony321502 pegasus364662 pony1225434 unicorn401925 the last problem6775 abstract background19047 absurd resolution69583 candy7912 candy in hair20 clothes525567 colored pupils11431 cowboy hat20133 crown22246 cute222882 ear fluff38046 eyes closed110915 female1517293 flying43697 food81124 grey hair330 group4147 happy35638 hat100837 hoof shoes6839 jacket15011 jewelry81673 mane six34197 mare566752 older31855 older applejack871 older fluttershy842 older mane six417 older pinkie pie826 older rainbow dash1009 older rarity826 older twilight2343 one eye closed37065 open mouth179170 peytral4433 raised hoof55424 regalia26104 rubber duck609 scarf26435 smiling302681 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133553 wink28125


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Background Pony #444B
Rarity being like “Yeah I’m still just as gorgeous and you know it.”