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If you noticed from the source links that it skips from part 2 to part 4, it's because part 3 is just a previous version of this picture (it's just missing the percentages and the last stage), so I didn't feel the need to upload it too (if you want to anyway, be my guest).
suggestive126243 artist:physicrodrigo182 fluttershy195822 anthro226049 big cat772 digitigrade anthro1294 tiger289 equestria girls177501 arm behind head2164 armpits41231 barbie doll anatomy1486 belly button66129 belt4459 blue background3858 boots18297 breasts234982 busty fluttershy14605 claws4493 clothes401275 commission49889 cosplay26486 costume24434 denim shorts295 disappearing clothes54 dragon ball super413 fangs21580 featureless breasts2180 featureless crotch5999 female880148 fist448 hands behind back1308 happy27102 high res20816 human to anthro604 jean shorts219 kale3 midriff17994 nudity328409 open mouth120444 part of a series2121 part of a set9237 percentage6 prehensile tail645 raised foot6 raised hand44 ripping clothes547 sexy22942 shirt20606 shocked expression509 shoes29015 shorts11867 simple background337981 smiling209941 solo959621 solo female166679 sultry pose1704 surprised7910 tail18403 tail growth1 tail hold313 transformation9587 transformation sequence773 wide eyes16027 wristband2968


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