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The moment you all have been waiting for. It's Starlight Glimmer day, and see Starlight Glimmer and her friends and family come along the fun in this special kind of day! Why don't you join Starlight Glimmer and her friends? It'll be a wonderful time!
safe1555505 artist:boneswolbach340 artist:chainchomp2 edit150 artist:cheezedoodle96794 artist:jaredking20355 artist:jeatz-axl512 artist:jhayarr23952 firelight337 silverstream5157 starlight glimmer42972 stellar flare963 sunburst5666 terramar647 trixie61182 classical hippogriff4362 hippogriff8098 pony826671 unicorn257526 cape8799 clothes400997 cute173571 diastreamies834 female879629 folded wings4381 glasses53846 grin32197 group2797 hat74628 lidded eyes24628 looking at you140508 male299085 mare404311 misspelling2134 one eye closed24488 open mouth120350 ponyville4919 ponyville town hall244 raised hoof37897 robe3036 smiling209826 smiling at you1038 socks (coat marking)1679 spread wings46799 stallion90359 starlight glimmer day86 sunburst's glasses232 sunburst's robe286 town hall279 tree26862 trixie's cape3272 trixie's hat4011 waving2451 wings71946 wink21188


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