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safe1750025 artist:ponut_joe409 edit135855 lemon zest3226 equestria girls206926 friendship games12827 bowtie10625 clothes475809 cropped50465 crystal prep academy uniform3451 female1401490 headphones8088 kneesocks1130 legs8824 miniskirt5048 plaid skirt664 pleated skirt4077 school uniform7440 schrödinger's pantsu411 shoes38721 simple background408968 skirt41073 socks68537 solo1094078 thighs15057 white background102452


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Artist -

What a beautiful Sunset
He actually has a webcomic that he updates about once a month. Look for "kiacomic" on tumblr and you should be able to find it and recognize his style right away.
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Background Pony #B9F9
Miss him so much, wish he'd have kept making art, even if it wasn't MLP related
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