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Two parts of this comic were missing between >>2111478 and >>2114258. First one's there, here's the second.

Part 5: >>2144926
Part 6: >>2301996
suggestive126243 artist:physicrodrigo182 rainbow dash217256 genie1398 comic:rainbow dash's lamp adventure6 equestria girls177502 absorption291 armpits41231 belly button66129 breasts234983 censored nudity6 comic100059 commission49889 female880151 geniefied123 high res20816 jewelry49104 lamp2226 magic64547 magic lamp35 midriff17994 onomatopoeia3112 open mouth120445 scared9127 shocked expression509 smoke2231 solo959624 speech bubble20064 strategically covered2572 transformation9587 wide eyes16027 wristband2968


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