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safe1557641 screencap195423 doctor whooves10005 golden crust127 linky1316 princess celestia89145 princess luna93260 shoeshine1434 time turner9990 twilight sparkle280088 alicorn191476 earth pony191614 pony828770 unicorn258622 the summer sun setback1012 announcement158 crowd864 crown13546 ethereal mane6281 ethereal tail151 female881806 festival of the two sisters2 flowing mane912 flowing tail126 folded wings4416 glowing horn16231 grin32285 hoof shoes3924 horn40791 jewelry49292 levitation10354 magic64684 magic aura2790 male299653 mare405431 microphone4412 multicolored mane978 multicolored tail872 open mouth120711 pointing3629 raised hoof38519 regalia15780 royal sisters3753 siblings5699 sisters7039 smiling210860 speakers634 speech3149 stage2649 stallion90611 sunrise997 surprised7923 telekinesis24176 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113866 wide eyes16042


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