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Background Pony #CA9F
@Nightmare Fire
No. Not at all. They aren’t even a bit related, they weren’t even sisters throughout the entire show. Lauren Faust has confirmed it. Rainbow Dash is only LIKE a sister to Scootaloo, but not actually an sister.

And no, Rainbow Dash didn’t adopt Scootaloo at all. Rainbow Dash isn’t her mother. Scootaloo is not even an orphan. Have you watched “The Last Crusade”? Because Scootaloo actually has parents in the show and it is 100% confirmed.
Background Pony #CF10
Lol. People seem to be overthinking about my behvaiour, which is actually kinda funny tbh. The reason why my account always changes is because i have to clean up my history sometimes. Second, illiterate means that a person has the disability to read or write, do you not think that sounds rude? I do. I deserve to tell them that they should not be asking people that because of how mean it is. But I am being honest here, I know that nobody claimed to say that Scootaloo cannot date Dash. I was only Informing them just incase they they thought it, There you go. Now please stay off for once.

@Background Pony #5C6D
It Looks like you are the on that is here to outrage monger:
-You attack Professor Genki on@Background Pony #86AB behalf
-You replied to @Background Pony #86AB yourself
-You claim to be @Background Pony #86AB in your comment here @Background Pony #5C6D

Using sockpuppet accounts to generate outrage.

And again, for the case that you and the other Person are the same and you did not just misread the Reply number from Genki; noone has said Scoots can not date her. The last 7 comments have been without any reason to exist and are void of any Merit.
Background Pony #F1C7
@Professor Genki
Don’t see anything wrong with my comment, except yours from earlier. Fyi, i am only trying to let you know that your comment was an disgrace/harshful. You don’t ask somebody if they are “illiterate”. It is rude even if it doesn’t sound like it.
Background Pony #F1C7
@Professor Genki
I don’t think so. Are you? Because it seems like you are trying to push your limits, aka. “mess”, on me, which means you are literally wasting your time. Oh and also you are obviously here specifically to outrage monger, which is against the site rules btw. I was politely informing people that Scoots can date Dash if they are both adults, but people seem to be taking it too seriously, unfortunately. The way that you asked me if I was illiterate was an low key insult. If you are really experiencing anger issues then i would go talk to an professional about it if i were you. Thank you.
Background Pony #CF10
To all of the users below me:

If they're both adults at the time the relationship starts, then there is no age difference. It’s not pedophilia at all.

Rainbow Dash: The fact that you are and adult now does not Change the fact that I am to old for you!

Scootaloo: But legally…

Rainbow Dash: Who is Talking law.
Background Pony #2460
Wie würde wohl ,,Rainbow Factory Dash" drauf reagieren 😲 mal angenommen Sie wäre es 🤨