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As warmth and lust is overtaking the senses, and juice endlessly drips between their trembling legs, all these beautiful mares seem to only have one single thing on their mind.. Will you help them find relief?

Our lovely team of artists is proud to announce the release of this special, naughty little art pack we worked hard on for the past few months! In this pack, you will find exclusive NSFW pieces of pony art that were specifically created for the occasion. All profits will be split and go directly to the artists to reward their efforts!

Featuring the amazing art of Rini-Chan, RatOfDrawn, Kianara, Ralek, Hioshiru, WhisperingForNothing, Evomanaphy, and Twiren.

Pack includes:

+ 18 unique illustrations in high res

+ multiple edits of each image (such as sex/cum/futa)

+ sketches and WIP

for a total of 145 images!

>> BUY HERE <<
suggestive134808 artist:evomanaphy856 artist:hioshiru968 artist:kianara505 artist:lonelycross483 artist:ralek1254 artist:ratofdrawn1112 artist:rinikka493 artist:twiren342 applejack164235 coco pommel5745 derpy hooves48987 dj pon-328625 octavia melody23166 pinkie pie209529 queen chrysalis33615 rarity175596 shimmy shake519 vinyl scratch28625 pony900772 art pack:mares in heat29 advertisement8197 art pack1083 bedroom eyes55851 estrus1560 female1301789 kissing23403 lesbian92819 pinkamena diane pie18641 scratchtavia2888 shipping191058


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Me gusta el arte
@Background Pony #A5FB
Almost all the Mares in this pack are alone, inviting the viewer to join and help them. Except for scratchtavia, there is no shipping in the art pack. You're free to DM me if you want to know more!
Background Pony #4212
I suppose that I should be more detailed.

I am interested to know if Rarity is with Spike because it would have me wanting to purchase these pictures, as it were. Actually, I would love to have a Sparity art pack fashioned, but I realize that not everyone likes one couple. If there could be a couples art pack with Sparity in it a few times prepared, that would be magnificent.

I don't know precisely how that would happen, but I wouldn't mind discussing these matters with any of the artists.

Thank you, dears.
Background Pony #8D19
May I ask if Rarity is with Spike in any of these pictures, dears? That would be fabulous to see some love between them.