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Originally posted on: July 1, 2016
Another ancient ref left on my computer forever until I finally got around to finish the colouring of it. Phew. So old it's drawn on my old school notepaper.

Terror is another RP character, this one used in different settings. First as a character only mentioned in my FoE RP'ing, leading to the creation of Goldie (yes, she started as an FoE OC too) and Tiny (Later on to become New Terror aka Tiny Terror).
Another time reused in non-FoE settings as just a bouncer in other RP's. Still a fun, sadistic bastard to use.
That said, in that RP since I drew this Noir finally got around to kill off the bastard. Although his girlfriend wasn't very happy about that, tsk. Creepy stalker goo just wanna help.

Welp, was nice finally to get some colours on this bad dude. Enjoy.

Noir © mistermech
Terror, Goldie, Tiny © Me
safe1559018 artist:ravenpuff1129 oc596152 oc only405574 oc:golden dancer21 oc:noir9 oc:terror6 oc:tiny terror13 pony829861 unicorn259128 fallout equestria15117 armor21369 beard3162 bored1353 clothes402622 collar28301 dappled414 ear piercing21031 earring17486 eyeliner864 facial hair4853 graph paper1017 grin32313 hoof shoes3944 jewelry49417 makeup17233 male300017 nose piercing2205 nose ring1803 piercing34088 raider705 raised hoof38568 scared9145 security guard177 smiling211123 stallion90756 symbiote219 text50032


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