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Skin tone edit of >>2299243 to resemble Dash's Kotobukiya skintone. Uploaded with permission, do not repost for commercial usage, please support the original artist.
safe1750248 alternate version49785 artist:axsens18 color edit7782 edit135887 editor:drakeyc96 kotobukiya976 rainbow dash238542 human158938 equestria girls206980 chromatic aberration1531 clothes475921 colored19861 compression shorts1328 eared humanization2809 eyeshadow16563 female1401692 fit478 hand on hip7509 humanized101910 jacket13144 kotobukiya rainbow dash271 makeup22808 miniskirt5048 rainbow4733 sexy30695 shirt26167 shirt lift2930 shorts14540 shorts under skirt57 skin color edit172 skirt41081 smiling260855 smiling at you5195 solo1094234 stupid sexy rainbow dash2756 sultry pose1893 tomboy1162 undershirt417 watermark16933 winged humanization8848 wings123068 wristband3822


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