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semi-grimdark30365 artist:princebluemoon3829 oc711799 oc:king calm merriment121 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:queen galaxia334 oc:tommy the human499 alicorn232855 human158938 pony1010307 comic:the chaos within us458 alicorn oc27617 alicorn princess403 background pony10445 barrier221 beaten up219 black and white13472 canterlot5869 canterlot castle2270 clothes475903 comic111459 commissioner:bigonionbean2057 crater168 cutie mark49696 dialogue67954 drawing4669 dream2746 female1401670 fusion5377 fusion:king calm merriment121 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:queen galaxia277 grayscale39240 horn77549 horrified640 human oc616 husband and wife1597 magic75375 male387945 mare502071 monochrome152329 night27343 nightmare1464 random pony453 royalty1257 rubble188 sad25064 shocked7250 stallion115702 throne room1145 tired3245 traditional art120242 writer:bigonionbean1770


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