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suggestive129793 edit119686 edited screencap57301 screencap206451 applejack159952 fluttershy199825 pinkie pie204472 rainbow dash221009 rarity171167 twilight sparkle283938 alicorn199773 earth pony206124 pegasus247616 pony857412 unicorn274218 party pooped726 animated92920 anus87606 ass worship278 butt32588 close-up5442 cropped45556 female1224072 implied shipping4450 implied spike687 loop4918 mane six29785 mare427336 plot71608 ponut38927 sweat23454 talking4639 the hall of friendship27 throne2845 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116276 twilight's castle3350


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Twilight: [repressed sexual tension]
Applejack: [lack of sexual confidence]
Rarity: [bashful interest]
Fluttershy: [severe lack of sexual confidence]
Rainbow: [slight lack of interest]
Pinkie Pie: "HAVE MY CHILD"