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safe1558250 artist:redheartponiesfan132 applejack157428 rainbow dash217473 earth pony191808 pegasus233443 pony829309 apple14432 appledash5288 blushing173124 boop6787 dappled sunlight282 deviantart watermark2312 eye contact6108 female882326 food59561 grass7979 lesbian91443 looking at each other15870 noseboop2554 obtrusive watermark3443 shipping181838 watermark14222


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #9BF2
@Background Pony #9352
Okay you’re going to far. I think Rainbow is at least bisexual, based on her ATTITUDE towards mares
In no way am I going to define her sexuality based on her mane or something, it’s VERY stupid. I can’t believe you’re writing this, so to you everyone who thinks she’s a lesbian are strereotyping ? Are you freaking serious there? Nobody cares about her f mane bro, the rainbow here is meteorological, know this better next time
So to each their own and leave these people alone
Background Pony #BBA4
Thank you for this lovely bit of STEREOTYPING!! They have tomboyish attitudes and one has a rainbow mane and tail, they are obviously lesbians, hope you are proud of yourself.