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Just the Apple siblings
safe1556892 artist:neongothic109 apple bloom46208 applejack157370 big macintosh26678 equestria girls177610 amplejack117 applefat480 bbw3763 biceps659 big breasts66770 bigger macintosh119 breasts235266 busty applejack8211 chubby12490 chubby cheeks2994 chubby jack52 double chin1364 fat19603 fat boobs465 flexing948 morbidly obese6742 muscles9611 obese10032 ssbbw1402 thighs7723 thunder thighs6232 weight gain3540


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18 comments posted

Big Mac barely looks any fatter than normal. Can we get Twilight, Cadence and Shining Armor answering questions sometime again?
Background Pony #D303
@MikuHatGaining2020 pfft, so what? shes just a fictional character. not a real person. besides, Age is just a number anyway.
Background Pony #1688
can you make an image story about an overweight EG Sunset crawling into a boxcar but gets stuck and pushed in

Like in the movie Dumbo?
Background Pony #BA00
It seems Big Mac put on weight a bit too.

When will be the second part with Pinkie and Trixie?