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safe1558199 artist:candyclumsy536 oc595737 oc:candy clumsy76 oc:tommy the human358 alicorn191592 human140178 pegasus233414 pony829261 comic:sick days32 alicorn oc21572 bruised1381 catching80 clothes402352 colt13165 comic100283 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 concerned732 cradling66 crying39690 cute173901 dawwww412 dreamscape141 flashback940 fountain546 fusion4339 galloping339 hugging a pony69 human oc367 human ponidox3182 hurt/comfort39 jumping2979 love4287 maid5204 male299807 memories165 memory88 nuzzles95 nuzzling3700 racing303 royal gardens11 running5192 sad22460 self ponidox7029 singing5748 sleeping21386 talking to themself19 teary eyes3147 tumbling29 walking away54 worried3346 writer:bigonionbean1039


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