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100% ground-up redraw of >>2209656
I felt as though Torque’s card lacked personality, as well as detail, and thought I could absolutely do that face better. So, hit it with the old redo!

suggestive162035 artist:lil miss jay2548 torque wrench254 earth pony321122 anthro295590 full service playing cards291 rainbow roadtrip1665 abs12866 absolute cleavage4357 big breasts97481 breasts318955 busty torque wrench26 cleavage38688 clothes524732 female1516429 gloves23367 grease49 hands on waist124 huge breasts45310 lipstick12888 looking at you199183 muscles14466 muscular female2682 oil471 panties54930 solo1195173 solo female197106 steam2293 sweat30888 toned421 toned female158 torque ripped2 underwear67240


not provided yet


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Buff chicks are the greatest. I can’t not worship that level of commitment to your physical health.
*Does not include muscles that are literally impossible. You know the ones. The kind of poorly-drawn, ridiculous muscles that result in a hilariously tiny head.