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An edgy 8th grader
If ya shitpost do it right! The text has no backround and is too small so if you really are super curios to know what they say you have to click it, and that takes about 3 second of my life away to trash, too much!also am a hypocrite becose this comment took about a minute to write
Background Pony #3046
I love Dash's look of pride. I would have put that freak in a cell with high walls that are transparent, smooth and non-adhesive, with no ceiling except that of the complex as a whole. That way, it is literally Scootaloo's inability to fly that is keeping it captive: if it were a real pegasus, it could leave whenever it wanted! I would then wait until it realises this and breaks down sobbing in despair and shame, and then burn its scooter in front of it while pointing at it and laughing.
Background Pony #BFA4
hey man if you're gonna stoop to this shit at least put in the slightest bit of effort because this is pitiful.
Background Pony #55CB
I love Scootabuse as much as the next faggot, but I'd much prefer the 'show, don't tell' approach to this.