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The mail is late and the derp train doesn't have any brakes.

Beep Beep, motherfuckers.
safe1552957 artist:dongly12236 apple bloom46146 applejack157081 derpy hooves47891 anthro225487 earth pony189936 pegasus231864 plantigrade anthro26126 3d60779 apple14374 apple tree2672 breasts234285 busty apple bloom1401 busty applejack8173 busty derpy hooves1471 clothes399929 fence2466 imminent crash15 mail1060 mailmare1048 moped55 overalls1418 source filmmaker36548 this will end in angry countryisms34 this will end in death1980 this will end in pain1650 this will end in pain and/or death101 this will end in pain and/or tears and/or death20 this will end in tears2968 this will end in tears and/or death2077 this will end in the hospital11 tree26810


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