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Rainbow Dash is enjoying some swim time in a private, underground swimming pool. Swimming is one of the best exercises to get your heart pumping and burn calories! Well, aside from a more intimate exercise. Which leaves the question: who owns the private pool….

Black swimsuit: here

For this project, I focused more on lighting and some texture work. The map I used actually had pool lighting; but I created my own to have more control and create more interesting effects. I also worked with the swimsuit's regular and normal textures to create a different design and feel. Its a simple modification, but its fine for this one use. Hopefully it looks good. The hands were awkward and difficult to get right. I'm still not satisfied with them, but they're good enough. I also experimented with water effects. I had some trouble getting the mane and tail to get that "wet" look, but I think it came out alright. I also played with the water reflection and displaying the distortion of light through the water. Overall, I liked the pose and how the atmosphere turned out. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback!
safe1708266 artist:epsilonwolf50 rainbow dash234132 pegasus292487 anthro260562 plantigrade anthro32737 3d76384 baywatch68 breasts278091 busty rainbow dash8172 cleavage34617 clothes460280 eyes closed93735 female1364822 indoor swimming pool3 indoors3144 nexgen864 one-piece swimsuit4443 solo1065487 source filmmaker46357 swimming pool2710 swimsuit28308 water13286 wet8068 wet mane5184 wings107705


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