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Uploaded by Background Pony #F3FB
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safe1945475 edit154406 edited screencap78606 screencap257219 cinder glow1036 summer flare1036 kirin12130 sounds of silence3433 adoracreepy690 animated111618 background kirin443 creepy5025 cropped55556 cursed image1005 cute231833 do a barrel roll16 female1578847 funny4780 funny as hell559 head spin18 head tilt1230 it begins306 meme origin532 solo1245592 speen19 wat20683 what has science done1768 you spin me right round213


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Background Pony #84E9
Kirin has reached amusing levels of unamused
Something something “turn that frown upside down”
When you watch it for more than a few seconds, the Kirin starts to look a little cross-eyed… Or is that just me?
Btw, loving the tags on this one