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Ice-skating rink Collab from Marussia's Plot — a group of Russian brony artists
safe1706854 artist:amishy157 artist:ariamidnighters80 artist:pony-stark51 artist:rexyseven122 artist:shadowreindeer252 artist:skipper0113 artist:xbi774 princess luna99157 oc684921 oc only448943 oc:anchor chaser4 oc:lapush buns121 oc:lily waterdrop5 oc:marussia172 oc:night-connor3 oc:whispy slippers57 alicorn224507 earth pony248920 hybrid18808 original species25155 pegasus291984 pony968042 unicorn323574 blurry background790 blushing197716 bunnycorn113 butt58927 canterlot5683 clothes459764 collaboration5308 dock49944 featureless crotch6901 female1363510 flying38168 ice skates289 ice skating402 jacket12535 knee pads377 looking at you168709 looking back57467 looking back at you14722 male372848 mare480836 mouth hold17492 nation ponies1455 night26353 plot79042 prone25532 ribbon7081 rink3 russia868 russian artists19 scarf23260 skates184 snow13786 snowfall4463 stallion108859 streetlight318 visible breath195 winter4461 winter outfit1517


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