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Description from Deviant Art
ok so let me explain a few things THESE ARE NO LONGER MY NEXT GEN HEAD CANNONS
i actually drew this shortly after i deleted Lunaisbestprincess12 so a long time ago
i just wanted to post it cuz i liked it still

i case you where wondering the ships are:
Apple Caramel
safe1559012 artist:pinkprincesssophia1 apple bloom46230 applejack157464 big macintosh26697 caramel2342 cheese sandwich3584 flash sentry11995 fluttershy196064 king sombra12563 pinkie pie201676 princess cadance30170 princess celestia89191 princess flurry heart6153 princess luna93314 rainbow dash217545 rarity168283 scootaloo48887 shining armor21579 soarin'13266 spike74310 sweetie belle46329 thorax3949 twilight sparkle280271 oc596149 alicorn191757 changedling7143 changeling39237 changepony842 dracony5585 dragon46804 earth pony191978 hybrid14814 pegasus233650 pony829853 unicorn259127 beach ball1282 carajack380 cheesepie1152 couples20 cutie mark crusaders17549 families5 female882860 flashlight2550 fluttermac2622 fun354 interspecies offspring6204 kicking1815 king thorax2572 lumbra285 male300016 mane seven5852 mane six29085 offspring33745 parent:applejack3194 parent:big macintosh2612 parent:caramel687 parent:cheese sandwich1595 parent:flash sentry2499 parent:fluttershy3952 parent:king sombra1018 parent:pinkie pie3526 parent:princess cadance1415 parent:princess celestia1835 parent:princess luna1891 parent:rainbow dash4909 parent:rarity3472 parent:shining armor1175 parent:soarin'2125 parent:spike1950 parent:thorax478 parent:twilight sparkle7149 parents:carajack640 parents:cheesepie1376 parents:flashlight2155 parents:fluttermac1053 parents:lumbra260 parents:shiningcadance819 parents:soarindash1607 parents:sparity1213 parents:thoralestia92 playing1333 pool party54 shiningcadance2363 shipping181922 soarindash4554 sparity6253 straight120381 swimming1652 swimming pool836 thoralestia36 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113961 winged spike7008


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Super radical that you should be in the featured groups in the lunbra group: https://www.deviantart.com/lunbramlp