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Bar and Shadow Diamond will receive a punishment for breaking school rule.
They leave early for driving car
source needed14390 suggestive139719 artist:f207429 oc667269 oc only439179 oc:bar119 oc:shadow diamond25 bat pony48261 anthro254110 bat anthro pony18 bat pony oc16667 black bra189 black panties304 black underwear3750 bra15499 butt53850 classroom1613 clothes449607 embarrassed11124 embarrassed underwear exposure823 frilly underwear4432 panties49344 plot77062 striped underwear2966 tail26194 underwear59672 uniform10379 white bra53 white panties176 white underwear3479


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The punishment is that they have to undress down to their panties only, and show their butt for everyone?

I'd like it better if they could keep their bra on, and then just stand straight up, facing everyone, but not allowed to cover up.
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