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safe (1523449) artist:lieutenantcactus (38) starlight glimmer (41379) sunburst (5449) pony (798276) unicorn (243428) book (29269) clothes (387979) curved horn (5335) equal cutie mark (1329) female (847902) glasses (51983) gradient background (10241) horn (36150) male (288703) mare (387864) personality swap (197) robe (2885) role reversal (1242) stallion (86296)


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Background Pony #C3E1
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Personality Swap

I wonder how they turned out like this. Maybe Sunburst grew to hate his cutiemark because it forced him into a life he wasn’t prepared for, which grew into a hatred of cutiemarks in general. And maybe Starlight, feeling inferior to her old friend, retreats into her studies after he leaves and finds a love for learning spells more than performing them.

Fun to think about…
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