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Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

(Maybe) True Flammable Salad Story:

Told to me in Chemistry lab once. The professor said how he once worked in the industry over in Italy, and one day some of his coworkers were fixing lunch on the job site. Wanting to make dressing for their salad, they asked him if there was any vinegar around. He suggested they use some of the acetic acid they had stored. So, they went and picked out a bottle they thought was labeled "ACETO" ("Vinegar") and poured some over the lettuce.

Unfortunately, what they had picked out was not acetic acid, but acetic anhydride, a powerful oxidizer that reacts violently with water. It literally set their lettuce on fire.
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Background Pony #12EC
I'd be very curious to know how she got this job, with her track record. I'm guessing her responses during the interview were very carefully worded.

"And the reason you left your previous place of employment?"
"Oh… yes, you see, a bunch of people got fire… d."
"Ah, I see. The school closed down?"
"Well it's definitely closed now."
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Background Pony #0567
She looks quite nice humanized/EQGified. I hope the artist draws more of her like that. 🙂
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Background Pony #4192
"Derpy, I thought only you could burn water."
"Me too. I'm scared."
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