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Had a sudden urge to create a timebubble family! Probably make headcanons for them later!
safe1554696 artist:cubbybatdoodles234 derpy hooves47906 ditzy doo405 doctor whooves9980 time turner9965 oc593127 oc:brown butter4 oc:hopscotch11 oc:whimsical note5 oc:wind biter4 earth pony190219 pegasus232185 pony825916 unicorn257046 colt13124 daughter531 doctorderpy1393 family3954 father525 father and child282 father and daughter2195 father and son812 female878765 filly58393 foal14646 glasses53800 male298795 mare403844 mother2144 mother and child750 mother and daughter4904 mother and son2538 offspring33602 one eye closed24466 parent:derpy hooves784 parent:ditzy doo13 parent:doctor whooves268 parent:time turner10 parents:doctorderpy177 shipping181443 son297 stallion90269 straight120042 teething ring10 tooth gap144 underp652 unshorn fetlocks21629


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Background Pony #2073
In so far as the artist is concerned, Dinky is Ditzy's and Ponet's daughter, so the most likely explanation for her absence is that she simply doesn't exist in this verse.