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safe (1526033) artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen (769) oc (575349) oc only (394444) oc:nautilus (28) changedling (6812) changeling (37564) earth pony (180799) fish (2098) pony (800988) shark (1416) tropical fish (28) aquarium (115) changeling oc (6169) compound eyes (31) cute (167930) exoskeleton (43) happy (26343) open mouth (116480) ray (fish) (5) sea turtle (44) stingray (6) underwater (4230) water (10645)


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Background Pony #6B69
Changeling: WOW! i can't believe what i see, I never see all those sea creature and to be so beautiful, Princess Twilight and lady Fluttershy a have right of this place…I can't believe i missing all this when is Chrysalis be still queen! Oh Yeah, Princess Twilight and Fluttershy want a report of everything i have learn to day, Is will be Fun!

and she past all the rest of the day to learn everything she can, and next day, she give her report of 50 page( this make Twilight Happy to see a Changeling take study seriously) and she a A+ for all she a learn and this make Fluttershy happy when this changeling ask if she can work on the aquarium. Twilight tell she need to learn everything she need to learn if she want to work on this place!
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Artist -

The Genie Artist
"So many…Creatures. Not just ponies but…Animals. That swim in water! So many to turn into! 83

Changeling instincts intensifies
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