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Peridot = Rarity/Older!Spike
Gala Apple = Applejack/Meadow Song
Skyline = Rainbow Dash/Misty
Midnight Sun = Twilight Sparkle/Comet
Honeycrisp & Cortland = Fluttershy/Big Mac
Prancer = Pinkie Pie/Pokey Pierce
safe1754662 artist:khiroptera6 oc713726 oc only466387 oc:cortland25 oc:gala apple8 oc:honeycrisp147 oc:midnight sun11 oc:peridot14 oc:prancer1 oc:skyline65 dracony6981 earth pony267582 hybrid20650 pegasus310596 pony1014239 unicorn343924 braided pigtails185 braided tail1224 colt15505 cutie mark49899 female1405315 filly69868 freckles30204 interspecies offspring7849 magical lesbian spawn12694 male389196 next generation6001 offspring40996 parent:applejack4143 parent:big macintosh3369 parent:comet tail184 parent:fluttershy5159 parent:meadow song4 parent:misty fly24 parent:pinkie pie4308 parent:pokey pierce516 parent:rainbow dash6014 parent:rarity4460 parent:spike2412 parent:twilight sparkle8700 parents:applesong1 parents:cometlight145 parents:fluttermac1479 parents:mistydash1 parents:pokeypie465 parents:sparity1572 unshorn fetlocks27363


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